I have been fighting my emotions…


"I have been fighting my emotions for last 15 years, try to earn happiness for myself and my family. As a women, we carry on living and think whatever filters down on us is natural, but it's not always true. We can buy material things to give us pleasure, but happiness is within us and talking to someone about our agony, helps us find that happiness."

2b) 762 – Sangeeta introduced me to meditation…


"Sangeeta introduced me to meditation via her inner peace sessions. I have certainly changed my way of thinking in many areas and would recommend that if you are feeling anxious it is worth trying her sessions."

8b) 757 – [Short Version] I have had the pleasure of having Reiki … SV


"I have had the pleasure of having Reiki energy work done by Sangeeta and I highly recommend her. I have been through a period of immense stress and anxiety due to problems in my personal and professional life. Her knowledge of Reiki and her gentle touch are well worth experiencing. I would highly recommend her."

3) 533 – I have been working on…


“I have been working on my personal development but felt that I needed to go deeper into past issues and to find out what I could do to make my life easier. Sangeeta has helped me to do this through life coaching, meditation and general help and healing. My heart is already lighter, and I am learning to be a more content and happy version of myself!”

5) 304 – I took inner peace sessions … EP


"I took inner peace sessions with Sangeeta and it made me understand life and others more. I became self-aware and my thought process changed. Her programme is very relevant to daily life and her warm and friendly nature makes it easy to open. Because of the life coaching sessions with Sangeeta, I have become more confident in dealing with life situations and taking up new challenges."

6) 303 – Sangeeta is kind, non-judgemental … SS


"Sangeeta is kind, non-judgemental, understandable and worked at my pace. I felt safe to share my life and her life coaching sessions helped me to let go of past hurt. I felt so much calmer and at peace with my current situation. I have felt a lot of self-acceptance which has empowered me and made me feel strong enough to make decisions that I wouldn’t have been able to before."

7) 302 – Sangeeta’s life coaching sessions … KM


"Sangeeta’s life coaching sessions are well thought out. She is warm, easy to talk to, a great listener and have a beautiful soul. My energies have changed, and I feel more aligned and able to make decisions more clearly."

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