Do you want to make positive changes to your life?

Do you need practical help, tools and techniques moving forward?

Do you know that something needs to change in your life, but don't know where to start or what to do?

TLTIP Workshop

About This Workshop

This workshop is all about living consciously with 12 steps to achieve INNER PEACE.

Our life is unfolding according to the beliefs in our subconscious mind, be it positive or negative. I strongly believe that our outer reality reflects our inner reality and when we understand and learn how to change our beliefs it transforms our world outwardly. The day will be filled with powerful information and practical tools that will shift your perspective on life. You will leave knowing how to fully align yourself in order to create your dream life. Also, you will experience deep healing through live meditation. I will share my knowledge about (1)How to become more aware (Spiritual Energy)(2)How to search for answers (Mental Energy)(3)How to accept more (Emotional Energy)(4)How to feel empowered so you can take right action (Physical Energy).

One day workshop 9-5: Arrive at 9am 9:30-10 Registration 10 session 1 11:30 15m break 11:45 session 2 1pm lunch 1:30 session 3 3pm 15m break 3:15 session 4 5pm close
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