Group Sessions

Do you get triggered easily into a stressful or angry place?

Do you want to find clarity in your life?

Do you want to create more joy in your life and don’t know how to go about it?

If so, then this is the perfect space for you!

Meet and Meditate Sessions

About Meet and Meditate

These group sessions are a safe place, where you can share and learn from other peoples’ experiences.


We’ll meet weekly on Sundays 3-4pm (GMT) at Bailey's Court Activity Center where life coach, Sangeeta, will interact with you and show you how to recognise your triggers and deal with them in a positive and effective way.

You will learn how to feel emotionally balanced, secure in your own self and achieve clarity through the power of meditation.

In  addition to meditation, Sangeeta will be available to offer help and advice, answer questions and assist you in moving forward through group discussion.


£10 per weekly session

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