121 Life Coaching

Do you worry a lot, and feel anxious easily?

Is stress a big part of your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and don’t know how to connect to another in a harmonious way?

If so, then my 121 sessions are perfect for you!

121 Life Coaching

About 121 Life Coaching

These sessions are bespoke and designed especially for you, based on your individual needs and circumstance.


I will coach you so you can create emotional and mental balance and together we will heal your past, so you can move forward and achieve your goals with clarity.


Consist of:

Guided meditation


Reiki Healing

Practical Tools and Techniques


My sessions start at £55 per hour

Please do not hesitate to contact me about a free initial consultation - don’t let money be a hindrance to helping you move forward. My purpose is always to help people to live their best lives.

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