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We all feel it but do you understand where it stems from? 

See Rejection is not only about when someone we like don’t like us. It’s a feeling that makes us feel unwanted and it can come from any of the following situations.

We can feel rejected If our friends don’t want to play with us or If our parents are not there when we need them the most. Sometimes parents are present physically but not there because their mind is elsewhere. 

At times we don’t feel enough especially when parents compare us to our siblings or anyone else and that can cause deep wounds. 

Most parents want their children to achieve higher grades and be good at multiple things, but if we can’t t satisfy them, we feel like a failure as we have disappointed our parents.

You might be thinking these situations are so every day, and why would a child feel rejected as we are only doing this to encourage our children so they can be successful. 

Do you know that the above situations feel a lot bigger to children? All children want is for their parents to be proud of them even if they don’t achieve the highest grades, even if they are not good at something that a parent sees as necessary, and even if they are different in their abilities from their siblings or cousins?

 It’s all about acceptance, but when we don’t accept them for their uniqueness, they feel unworthy. This creates a lot of blocks, and when they grow, they learn to reject themselves, which is detrimental to their growth and finding love.

I have gone through many situations where I felt rejected and suffered greatly. I was in victim consciousness till I was in my 40s, but when I realised that I have the power to redirect my thoughts and create a better life experience, then, I went on studying different modalities. I learned a few daily practices that changed my life and transformed my relationships. 

Here is a poem that I wrote about rejection…

Is it the end of the line or a change in direction,

Is it heartbreak or divine protection?

I guess I will never know unless I try,

Should I stay stuck, or should I fly?

I tried again and failed, 

I got hurt and remained afraid.

Wounds were deep, and the pain was immense,

It was hard, and the lessons were intense.

I felt tired and started surrendering, 

It turns out that was my biggest blessing. 

The minute I accepted rejection 

It took me in a new direction.

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