About the Book

Ever faced rejections in your life from being let go from a job, or having an application turned down? Then Keep Reading!
Do you feel like stopping down facing rejections?
Rejection has a way of teaching and redirecting us to things, people, places, and opportunities that are sometimes better than originally expected.
Any time we’re faced with rejection we can quickly see this not as a rejection of our real, spiritual selfhood but of the whole mistaken belief that we are limited, egotistical, fragile mortals.
We can interpret the rejection correctly as an opportunity to redirect our focus to betterment and reality.
This book perfectly describes the redirection of thought, this shift in mindset prepares you to look at the world before you for the opportunity it offers, with gratitude and acceptance in your heart.
Read “Rejection to Redirection” and feel the change in mindset. A redirection to something bigger, better, or simply more right for you.

About the Author

With over 14-years of experience, he has developed simple yet powerful and experiential techniques that have touched more than a thousand lives.
He is the founder of the Brilliance Academy, an innova-tive and impactful business, created to help and inspire people to live a passion-based life. He is the author of the book, “Secret of Winning”.
In his passion-based journey, Amandeep has worked with the World’s best personal development trainers and thought leaders like T Harv Eker, Jordan Belfort, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown; Dr John De Martini, Dan Lok, Joel Bauer, Anthony Robbins & many more.
Over more than a decade now, he has been the lead trainer for Tony Robbins, Unleash The Power Within Pre-view across the UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.
Amandeep possesses the unique ability to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary.
Amandeep is a living embodiment of creating transfor-mation in the lives of the people by helping them to find their voice and monetize their knowledge or life experi-ences.
Amandeep lives in London with his wife and a daughter. He is a loving father, caring husband and a great family man.

amandeep thend

Amandeep Thind

Amandeep Thind is an International Speaker, Trainer, Au-thor and a Life Coach.

Sangeeta Dewan

I am a life coach, a Reiki healer and a spiritual teacher.

About the Author

I have been on my spiritual journey for over a decade and learned lots about human behaviour and how our self-limiting beliefs creates the reality that we are experiencing. We pick up our thoughts and beliefs from our environment which colour our views about us and the world around us.

I have experienced lot of traumas in my life which created blocks in my mind that stopped me living a fulfilling life. My false beliefs about me created several life situations that made me doubt my own abilities. I have been on personal development journey and gained knowledge about how to release these blocks to live more fulfilling life.

I have always believed that understanding and experiencing love is the most important aspect of our human journey. I have discovered, learnt and have been practising the Universal Laws for years and have written few programmes that can guide you to create the life that you want. These programmes will empower you to become whole again so you can live a healthy, joyful and an abundant life.

I strongly believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and if we take time to reflect and learn how to become aware of our thoughts, accept our emotions and align with the inner wisdom, we can change our reality.

Life is about learning, integrating, flowing, and engaging.

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