The greatest gift you can gift your children is raising them as joyful, confident, and emotionally strong beings.

Sangeeta Dewan

7 Steps To Self Love

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About the Author

Been awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award for her contribution to education and learning — Sangeeta is an author, parenting coach, a Reiki healer, and a spiritual motivator, helping people heal and transform their lives for over a decade.

Her unique approach to conscious living, inner peace, and parenting combine eastern healing and mindfulness with groundbreaking modern science that has transformed dozens of lives and parent-child relationships.

Ready To Transform Yourself And Your Relationship With Your Kids

One-to-one Coaching and Healing Session

Do you want to heal chronic stress, emotional distress, and chronic health conditions?

Or do you want to elevate your mind, body, and spirit to become the best version of yourself?

Or do you want to build a more loving, joyful, healthier relationship with your children?

Let me help you with one-on-one coaching.

peaceful Parenting Online Group Program

Let me take you through an 6-week, deep–dive journey as you heal your inner child, move from inner struggles to inner peace, and become a mindful, playful, and happy parent.

Empowering you to positively influence your child’s mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being — allowing you to raise an emotionally strong, confident, and joyful child.


Let this ancient Japanese energy healing technique dissolves your energy blocks and creates a balance between mind, body, and spirit, thus naturally healing your health conditions and chronic stress.

It balances out your chakras (your body energy fields), so you can receive powerful, positive life-force energy.

Sangeeta Dewan

Award-winning life coach, author, reiki healer, and spiritual motivator

Meet sangeeta

Empowering Parents To Raise Happy, Confident, And Emotional Strong Children

My journey into coaching and healing started after I healed myself of depression, asthma, UT, fevers, and chronic cold and positively transformed my relationship with my husband and two kids.

I discovered that the parent’s childhood emotional wounds, constant stress, and feeling of unworthiness, fear, and unmet needs directly impact the parent-child relationship.

Over the years I’ve helped dozens of parents like yourself heal their inner childhood wounds to live with more joy and peace, build more loving, bonding, and healthy relationships with their children, ultimately raising them as confident, emotionally strong, and happy beings.

Get free access to this powerful guide to create more loving relationships with your children!!!